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Process Intelligence

Can you pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks and improvement areas exist in your business processes? To achieve operational excellence in your business, you need more than business intelligence systems that offer only an analysis of historical data and outcomes. You need real-time analytics and insight into the quality and timeliness of your operational processes.

Gain deep, end-to-end visibility into all of your business process steps, operational performance, and risk of non-compliance with analytics.

What is Process Intelligence? Process Intelligence is the analysis of operating data in the context of a business process for real-time visibility into process performance and an understanding of how well processes comply with expected behaviors.

Ready to see your business processes in a new light? Let’s get started.

Process Intelligence

Empowering your business to achieve operational excellence starts with leveraging pre-built, best-practice solutions that enable you to quickly create customer dashboards for any application. Kofax Process Intelligence includes full-featured Kofax Insight, as well as pre-built solutions for Kofax Capture, Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax MarkView, Kofax mobile solutions and Kofax Kapow—all in a single, customizable and expandable offering.

Descriptive, Contextual Dashboards

Traditional business analytics solutions can be complex and often require IT support. Take control with simple interactive dashboards and reports, providing insight and analysis where and when you need it.

Diagnostic Insights and Alerts

Like most organizations, you’ve probably automated some aspects of your business processes with OCR or data capture technology, advanced workflow, or process management solutions. But, do you really know how effective your automated processes are now? Process intelligence provides in-depth, end-to-end visibility and monitoring of your business processes for a holistic view of your operational performance and compliance.

Decision Aids

If you changed a policy or procedure, do you know how it would impact your business processes? Use process performance information to make strategic decisions about workforce optimization and identify new revenue opportunities.

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