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Effective initiation of service requires advice and guidance as well as product knowledge. Our expert "implementors" at ICS have a wealth of experience implementing Kofax products for a variety of businesses and uses in addition to deep knowledge for providing our customers with guidance needed to deploy the right solution.

Industry Expertise

ICS has successfully deployed Kofax solutions in several key verticals. Our knowledge includes:

  • Banking: Seamless data integration between systems, paperless processes and proactive customer communications.

  • Insurance: Capture claims and supporting documents, proactively communicate claims status to policyholders.

  • Government: Simplify the collection and processing of constituent information for government programs through automation.

  • Invoices: Automate adherence to standard reviews and approvals and integrate with the ERP.


Implementation Approach

ICS uses the "best fit" implementation methodology for your business.  Our team is well versed in waterfall as well as agile methodologies which allow us to deliver better performing business processes quickly for our customers regardless of their internal methodology.

  • We provide project managers to support engagement.

  • Solutions are customizable. Options include:

    • Upgrades of existing infrastructure

    • Full life cycle implementation

    • Single product focused implementation

    • Consultative guidance

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