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Empower Your Customers with a Streamlined Insurance Experience. Start Here.

Insurers face an intensely competitive environment with increasingly demanding customers who have little patience for complex, inflexible or paper-based processes. Many insurance organizations struggle with core systems that don’t allow the speed and flexibility necessary to adjust to fast-changing market conditions and accommodate customer expectations for mobile capabilities, self-service options and proactive communications. To compete, you must automate to onboard applicants faster, reduce insurance claims processing timelines, and keep costs in check—all while keeping customers engaged and informed.

Forty percent of the top 10 insurance companies and 30% of the top 50 insurance companies leverage Kofax solutions.

Empower customers and brokers/agents to interact with you on their timeframe; capture and send documents with a mobile device; track claims status anytime; and customize company communications preferences online. You will build loyalty by offering customers the control, functionality and visibility they expect—all while enjoying faster processing through connected systems, fewer errors and greater efficiencies in your business.

Ready to power digital transformation in your insurance organization? Let’s get started.

Applicant Onboarding

Rising costs due to manual, paper-based workflows, customer dissatisfaction resulting from lengthy, cumbersome processes and concerns about regulatory noncompliance fines are a triple challenge facing insurance organizations. Streamline your application processes with an automated customer onboarding solution that offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service, and multichannel capture of process-ready images and documents.

Claims Handling

Lack of process integration, poor customer communications and sluggish claims resolution converge to strain the operations of many insurance organizations. Automatically capture claims and supporting documents into the process from the start, proactively communicate claims status to policyholders via the channel of their choice, and enjoy greater data accuracy.


Handwritten documents, faxes and emails can create bottlenecks that drain the efficiency of your workers and increase costs. Simplify and speed up the underwriting process from application to issue: automatically capture, classify and extract data from a variety of formats, and accelerate the routing of process-ready information to multiple departments.

ICS helped us move from Manual to Automated processes, our customers are happy and our staff is delighted.

Project Manager, Current Client

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