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Kofax Transformation

Classifying large volumes of documents and accurately extracting information from them is no small task. And it’s certainly not a task that can be adequately handled through manual processes that are slow, error-prone and expensive.

Kofax Transformation™ automates and accelerates document processing, making it possible to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and push document processing speed and accuracy to their optimal states.

A Single Platform for Document Capture and Transformation

Kofax Transformation automates the understanding of any document type and the data on those documents for later processing or storage. With the Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation system for capturing and processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, you can realize a new level of efficiency in your document capture processes and avoid costly integrations.

Increase Processing Capacity

Dramatically increase productivity and accelerate business processes by removing the need for manual document classification, separation and extraction. Process more transactions each day easily and efficiently and improve information throughout your organization.

Powerful Reporting and Auditing Capabilities

Early notification of potential issues means you can keep your system running smoothly and put out fires before they start. Monitor your system’s performance, gather detailed information regarding classification and recognition rates and view statistics per user, field, document type and average over user selectable time periods.

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