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AP Automation

Accounts payable organizations are under increasing pressure from management to lower costs, but manual invoice processing and paper-based AP documents create people-intensive and unproductive workflows. A poor ability to proactively manage cash and weak controls exacerbate the problem.

Kofax AP Agility™ is an accounts payable automation solution that, paired with Kofax Invoice Processing (IP) Agility™, integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to provide automated invoice capture, process management and analytics, delivering multiple levels of value to AP, from paper digitization to role-based invoice exception handling.

Automate Invoice Processing and Improve Visibility of Information

Paired with Invoice Processing (IP) Agility, AP Agility automates invoice receipt, classification, data extraction and the approval process. Digitized invoices—no matter what original format they arrived in—and other AP-related documents such as credit memos are instantly available for compliance and internal visibility.

Establish New Levels of Engagement and Collaboration with Suppliers

Process information from invoices and other AP documents faster, more productively, more accurately and with better visibility, and you’ll improve not just internal operations, but supplier relations. Information-rich AP process automation allows you assess invoice due dates for leveraging early payment discounts, manage operator workloads and improve invoice cycle times.

Realize Financial Agility with Flexible, Automated AP Operations

By radically transforming and simplifying the information-intensive and error-prone interactions that typify AP processes, you can increase the flexibility of financial operations from the digitization of invoices to full AP process automation and optimization.

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